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Few things have changed more in the last couple of decades than the ways that people communicate with each other and nowhere is this more apparent than the world of media for marketing. Most of the ways that small businesses market products today could not have been imagined twenty years ago, and many of the old media forms have all but disappeared (remember Yellow Pages and classified ads?). For vegan businesses, the shift is even greater. It used to be that launching a vegan product meant pinpointing a tiny audience, but one that was super excited for any vegan product regardless of quality. Now the audience is much larger (a recent survey suggests that 36% of US consumers purchase meat alternatives), but there are far more products competing for their attention, and these products must be of much higher quality and a better value than vegan products from years past. Today, it's not enough to have a vegan product. It has to be really good, and it has to stand out in a crowded marketplace just to get the attention of the people you want to reach.

Fortunately, most of the fundamental marketing principles apply. Products still need to have a good story and message, compelling graphics and a Big Idea behind its marketing that wins the trust and support of dedicated consumers.

Similarly, for advocacy organizations, our communications must be top-notch for our message to be seen and embraced (fingers crossed!) by the public. The end goal is to create a more compassionate and just world; we will help you to finesse your message so it is not only professional and persuasive but dynamic and moving.

Vegan Street Media & Consulting has expertise in these vital marketing areas:

Marketing and Brand Development

Logo and Identity

Packaging Design

Graphic Design

Website Design and Development

Inbound Marketing (Blogs, Newsletters, List Collection, etc)

Social Media


Article Generation

Retail Promotion

Point of Sale

Event Promotion

We also often find that the above list does not include all the best ways to reach your audience, so we'll work together with you to develop the strategy to make people fall in love with your product or service.

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